Our Focus

Meaningfully contribute to Canadian economy and society

Our programs at CMDCI are geared towards improving the quality of the lives of Canadians living with disabilities, particularly those from ethnocultural and marginalized communities.

Community Engagement - Fostering Empowerment And Inclusion Through Multicultural Art And Music

Creating opportunities through which persons with disabilities can use culturally diverse methods of artistic expressions to inspire, motivate, and guide the most vulnerable members of our community.

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Disability Advocacy - Improving The Quality Of Life For Canadians With Disabilities From Ethnocultural Communities

Creating opportunities for people with disabilities from ethnocultural communities in the areas of employment, education and health services.

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International Impact - Empowering Health And Hope In Zimbabwe

CMDCI aims to provide efficiency and flexibility in the provision of out-patient, maternity care and critical care services in Zimbabwe.

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Women Empowerment - Domestic Violence Awareness And Resources

Creating awareness regarding domestic violence among the persons with disabilities from ethnocultural communities by providing a culturally attuned gender-based refugee centre and supporting various service providers to end gender-based violence.

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Youth And Children Programs - Empowering Immigrant And Refugee Youth

Empowering the refugee and immigrant youth to overcome their pre and post migration traumas and challenges to foster their healing and successful integration.

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