Disability Advocacy

Improving The Quality Of Life For Canadians With Disabilities From Ethnocultural Communities

The primary goal of this focus is to create opportunities for people with disabilities from ethnocultural communities in the areas of employment, education and health services.

Use of Technology - To overcome disabling conditions

Utilizing assistive technology to make disabling conditions more amenable for people living with disabilities and those with low literacy skills.

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Eliminating barriers - Experienced by persons with disabilities

Eliminating barriers experienced by persons with disabilities, particularly those from ethnocultural backgrounds, in the areas of employment, education and health care services.

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Advocacy - Collaborate and advise government agencies

Collaborating and advising government agencies on approaches to disability issues and best practices when working with persons with disabilities.

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Advocacy Research - And Academic Publications

Providing an in-depth exploration of inclusive learning for all educators through textbooks authored by experts.

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